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DNA Lab Testing

If you are planning to perform a DNA test, then you will be amazed to see that there are hundreds of DNA lab testing facilities that you can do the test with. You however have to be aware of the fact that not all of these labs are worth every penny for the services they offer but some do. In this contemporary time, many DNA labs make use of DNA samples that are taken from the subject’s mouth. Methods include DNA swabs to be able to collect cells in the cheeks and then mouthwash or spit tubes in order to collect saliva. Now, only a few labs are actually using blood testing.

For many tests that should be done, you don’t actually have to show up to the lab. It’s because of the reason that home DNA testing is quite popular except on the ones noted below.

Parent to child relationship is definitely one of the closest possible. It is because of this that the paternity testing becomes enough in proving that a child’s father is the man who has taken the test with 99.9 percent certainty. In the event that the DNA testing showed that a man isn’t the father, you can be sure of that to be 100%. Keep in mind that situations that involve immigration, inheritance, child custody as well as support are legal concerns that require paternity tests. In relation to this, the court needs both sides to be in the DNA lab testing facility. Then after, the lab personnel is going to confirm the identity of each person, gather samples on each one and then, follow the process for legal chain of custody via thorough analysis as well as reporting.

Basically, it is possible to buy paternity DNA testing kits for home but just one thing to be reminded of, the test is designed only for personal knowledge. It is due to the reason that tests performed at home are considered non-legal tests.

When it comes to paternity tests and the infamous maternity tests, it is very important that any lab you are going to choose has accreditation from the AABB. It is actually an abbreviation for American Association of Blood Banks. Despite the fact that DNA testing labs are using blood for testing, such organization still makes sure that the lab is of high standards.

If you need to perform legal test, then the location would play a significant role in it, because as much as possible, you want to be convenient. Say that you and your ex-partner are in different locations, don’t worry for there are many companies with vast network of sampling sites that you can leverage.

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